Beach tourism is critical to the Gambian economy
Communities, livelihoods Gambia
Community living, Tendaba, River Gambia
Communities and livelihoods gender and disability Gambia
Womens Group at Dasilameh, River Gambia
Communities and livelihoods gender Gambia
Coastal erosion, Cape Point, Gambia
Circular Economies apply to all aspects of Gambian society
Oceans and Coasts Management Gambia
Fishing remains the main employer at Bakau, Gambia
Oceans and Coasts Tourism Business Support Gambia
Coastal erosion being addressed through temporary measures fronting Senegambia Hotel


Gambia GCF Full Proposal

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Enhancing resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Areas & Communities to Climate Change in the Republic of Gambia.

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Mainstreaming of Sea & River Defence Risk Management into Development Plans.

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GCCA Mid and Final Evaluation.

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Circular Economy to support coastal tourism in Gambia

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    Showcase Project - Gambia

    Enhancing Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to Climate Change 

    What we helped with

    New beach re-nourishment projects proposed for Kotu Beach tourist area to help tourism communities 

    communities, livelihoods Gambia

    Coastal community consultation workshops at Illiasa to elicit the community view on building resilience.

    communities, livelihoods Gambia 2

    Flood risk intervention measures, using polders, are proposed for local communities in  Tendaba 

    Communities and livelihoods gender Gambia

    Coastal erosion being experienced at Cape Point.

    Why Our Services were required

    • Need to assist UNDP Gambia to produce a formal PPG “Prodoc” for formal application of US$9m to the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)
    • Need to ensure integration of national stakeholders for the delivery of the proposed project;
    • Need expert assistance to ensure community engagement and stakeholder participation exercises took place;
    • Final support to ensure that CEO Endorsement (UNDP) reporting is correctly undertaken.


    • Delivery of Team Leadership to produce required LDCF documentation
    • Demonstrate how a range of hard and soft engineering solutions can be introduced
    • Increase awareness and capacity at the governmental and the local community level

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