disasters and climate strategic planning Egypt
Sea level rise is happening!, Nile Delta
ecosystems biodiversity Egypt
Sand dune management strategies, Baltim, Egypt
communities and livelihoods capacity building Egypt
Community livelihoods (fisherfolk) - Baltim, Egypt
ecosystems and biodiversity sustainable land management Egypt
Aquaculture fish ponds, Nile Delta, Egypt


Identification and Formulation of the Aquaculture Development Programme at Lake Manzala.

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Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nile Delta through ICZM Project

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    Showcase Project - Egypt

    Adaptation to Climate Change – Egypt “Living Shorelines” Project (UNDP Egypt) 

    What we helped with

    ecosystems biodiversity Egypt4

    Offshore breakwater “over-design” – Salient formation now 200m offshore.

    ecosystems and biodiversity sustainable land management Egypt

    Aquaculture ponds are incorporated into strategic wetland designs as part of the “Living Shorelines” approach

    ecosystems biodiversity Egypt

    Hard coastal engineering still required for coastal cities such as Alexandria

    ecosystems biodiversity Egypt

    Sand dune management strategies being implemented at Burullus and Baltim.

    Why Our Services were required

    • Need to strengthen the regulatory framework and institutional capacity for ICZM;
    • Require expert advice on how to  implement innovative and environmentally friendly “Living Shoreline” measures that facilitate/promote adaptation in the Nile Delta
    • Request to establish a monitoring and assessment framework and knowledge management systems on coastal adaptation.


    • Pioneered the design and implementation of “soft” stabilisation methods in conjunction with “hard” stabilisation practices.
    • Contract support for procuring local expertise to construct and monitor  innovative set of bank stabilisation and habitat restoration techniques.

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    It's about people...not just sea water!