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Beach Standards

We offer innovative risk management and accreditation services to enable clients to achieve ISO13009 compliance on issues relating to beach safety education and information, signage, access and zoning, supervision and rescue and comfort facility design and implementation.

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Management Services

We offer strong Team Leadership as well as Project Management services on all coastal, climate change and disaster risk reduction projects worldwide.

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Ocean Governance, Marine Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management are all public processes of analysing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in coastal and marine areas to achieve ecological, economic and social objectives that have been specified through a political process. They all seek over the long term to balance the benefits of human uses with the protection of the natural environment.

These 3 processes create practical ways to create and establish a more rational use of coastal and ocean space and the interactions between its uses, to balance demands for development with the need to protect the environment and to achieve social and economic objectives in an open and planned way. SSL is one of the only consultancy firms who have proven track record in providing the expertise and support in this field.

Communities and Livelihoods

We offer coastal communities achievable lifestyle options to help plan for, manage, and cope with climate and hazard related risks.

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Sustainable Seas Ltd provides training on issues of relevance to develop skills for planners and policy makers in justifying new introduction and new adaptation measures for coastal communities.We offer professional, practical advice to schools for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to enable children with disabilities equal access to an inclusive education.

We offer individual one to one or group coaching sessions our aims are to empower young women and women in taking control of their lives, becoming more confident in who they are and in developing a sustainable livelihood where gender equality is high on their agenda.

Disasters and Climate Strategic Planning Egypt

Disasters and Climate

 We help to meet client needs by introducing creative ways of mitigating against disaster and climate change impacts.

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“Future proofing” the development of towns and cities on the coast is becoming more of a challenge to land use planners. Adapting to climate change and planning for disaster risk reduction is becoming more important as a consequence of latest climate change predictions. Sustainable Seas Ltd are heavily involved in supporting nations with the institutional strengthening and strategic planning support that is required to help formulate comprehensive disaster management (CDM) and climate change adaptation strategies. Our expertise can offer specialist technical and support services with regard to the following areas:

Production of disaster risk profiles and action plans;
Capacity building and training support;
Bespoke disaster management “toolkit” development.
Tailor made climate resilient guidelines for coastal protection.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity

We adopt ecosystem based approaches to support the protection and re-creation of coastal and marine habitats.

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We provide a range of services to help clients deliver small island marine and terrestrial ecosystem based appraisals and assessments. Our expertise includes mangrove and wetland restoration, coral reef rehabilitation, heavily modified water-body assessments, development of “living shoreline” engineering approaches and delivery of sustainable land management (agricultural planning advice). Contracts where we have been involved include Action Fiche (project document) preparation, terminal and mid-term review monitoring and evaluation (M&E) projects for donor agencies (ADB, UNDP, European Commission, World Bank), data collection exercises (baseline field assessment) and strategic habitat action plan reports. Sustainable Seas Ltd can also offer specialist technical and support services with regard to tourism development Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs), marine consenting advice and aquaculture / fisheries projects.

Oceans and Coasts

 We work in partnership with clients to provide practical management and engineering solutions within coastal and marine environments.

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At a global scale, Ocean Governance, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) are all growing concepts in the twenty first century. They create practical ways to establish a more rational use of coastal and ocean space. Sustainable Seas Ltd is one of the few consultancy firms who have demonstrated project experience in all 3 areas. In addition, we provide original advice to the private and public sector with regard to affordable beach management and engineering techniques. Our experience of this for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) covers engineering support guidance on volcanic and low lying atoll SIDS globally. We also maximise economic opportunities for clients, delivering sustainable beach tourism products. We provide a bespoke advisory service to hotel groups to help implement the new international standards for beach operators from 2015 onwards with clients including tourist boards, ministries of tourism, private beach developers and communities around the world. Sustainable seas Ltd is working in partnership to develop the implementation of this new BS ISO 13009 Beach Operation Standard.

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