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To enhance the quality of life for communities and businesses living and working in the coastal zone.


Building relationships, one project at a time, through open door communication, trust, teamwork and co-operation.

Together we achieve what one person can rarely achieve alone

A bit more about us...

Sustainable Seas Ltd (SSL) is a global network of professionals dedicated to helping coastal communities, businesses and governments to adapt to the climate change related development challenges that lie ahead.

The knowledge gained as a result of where we have worked, our existing projects portfolio and our staff experience and over the past 20 years enables us to proactively provide clients with valued and targeted advice to help address the challenges that face businesses and coastal communities in the coming years.


Where We’ve Worked

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Our Experience

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  • Sustainable Seas  worked in The Gambia on the Mid and Final Evaluation of the EU funded Global Climate Change Alliance GCCA project. The work was much appreciated by stakeholders and definitely helped the project achieve better results.

    Sustainable Seas Favicon
    GCCA Project Manager
    EU Delegation to The Gambia, Jan 2017.
  • It was again a performance of high quality which has proven instrumental towards the creation of a basis for us to move forward with the 10th EDF sea defence sector program in our negotiations with the Government. 

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    Delegation of the European Commission
    To Guyana
  • “SSL got to grips with our brief rapidly and supplied a polished report which required no further clarifications or elaboration – we were very satisfied” 

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    Gethin While
    Cardiff University
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